SCOTTISH CHARITY NUMBER SC006235 THE CHARITY’S LEGAL NAME St Andrews Church of Scotland: Dumbarton

Order of Worship

Sunday 26th January 2020 at 10:00am

Service led by Rev Ian Johnson

 Organist: Matt Harvey

Hymn = Church Hymnary 4   MP = Mission Praise   JP = Junior Praise

Welcome and Intimations

Call to Worship

Hymn 113 God the Father of Creation

Prayer of Adoration and Confession and the Lord’s Prayer

Hymn 189 Be still, for the presence of the Lord

Readings           Isaiah 9: 1-4 (page 677)

                          Matthew 4: 12-23 (page 6)

Hymn 533 Will you come and follow me

Prayer of Intercession and The Prayer Tree

Hymn 718 We cannot measure how you heal

Sermon “Beyond the planning phase”

Offering and Dedication

Hymn 352 (2) O for a thousand tongues we sing

Benediction and Threefold Amen



For pastoral matters this week please contact Rev Ian JohnsoLent Study Groups

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday 26 February. Holy Week begins on Palm Sunday 5 April.This year we are trying a slightly different approach to Lent Study Groups, taking up a suggestion from the Focus Groups. We won’t be holding them on church premises, nor will the minister be leading them. What we are hoping to do is have a group/ groups in people’s houses, and have someone/ some people from the congregation willing to lead the group/groups. Material provided by the ‘Church of Scotland’ will be able for the group/groups to use.

We’re looking for two sets of volunteers:

 people willing to host a study group in their house (and they can set a day/time that suits them)

 people willing to lead a study group. If you think you (or maybe you and someone else) may be interested in leading a group, but you’d like a bit more information/help to do it, we have material from ‘121’ designed to help people lead study groups

If you think you could help with either please have a word with the minister or session clerk

Dates for your diary

Thursday 30th January Prayer meeting at 7:00pm. Note new start time.

Sunday 2nd February Service at 10:00am


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